Wooden Framed Wildflower Earrings

Each piece is filled with an arrangement of real wildflowers in shades of purple, coral, and white. The dried flowers are meticulously placed into tiny wooden frames, and sealed underneath multiple layers of glossy jewelry-grade resin. The resin protects the flowers and provides a glasslike finish. Each collection of miniature florals is unique, and no two pieces will be exactly alike. 

The wooden frames are laser cut out of bamboo sheets and stained for a darker golden finish. 100% pure titanium earring posts are embedded into the resin for added durability. Titanium is allergen free and a great option for anyone with sensitive ears. 

Each earring measures approximately 11mm in diameter. 

Care: Avoid submerging your jewelry in water and store in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Smudges are best removed with a lens cloth. 

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