Happy holidays!

Wildflower Necklace in Gold-fill

Each piece holds a miniature collection of pressed Alyssum in a pale purple shade, with speckles of shimmering gold foil. The florals are carefully set into handmade frames and sealed underneath multiple layers of glossy jewelry-grade resin. The resin protects the flowers and provides a glass-like finish. Each arrangement is unique, and no two pieces will be exactly alike. 

All metalwork is handmade using quality gold-fill materials. Each pendant is carefully soldered together and forged into shape by hand. The pendant is attached to a gold-filled cable chain. 

The pendant measures approximately 1 inch x 1 inch

Chain length: 20 inches 

Although this piece is waterproof, I would recommend to avoid submerging your jewelry in water when possible, and store in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Clean your piece with clear soap and water, then carefully pat dry. Smudges are best removed with a lens cloth. 

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