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Darkened Sterling Silver Necklace in Plum

"Chocolate" Queen Anne's Lace grows naturally in different shades of pink, purple, and dark plum. These necklaces are filled with tiny snips of natural plum colored QAL. 

Each necklace begins with real Queen Anne's Lace, dried, pressed, and carefully snipped up into little pieces. The tiny blooms are placed inside of geometric sterling silver frames and sealed with multiple layers of jewelry grade resin - glossy and domed on both the front and back sides. Each sterling silver frame is formed and shaped by hand, soldered together, sanded, polished, and tumbled for strength. Please note each flower arrangement is unique and no two will be exactly alike. The pendant is attached to a dainty solid sterling silver chain.

I've oxidized both the frame and chain for a darker finish. 

Size: Pendant measures 34 x 25mm

Chain Length: 30 inches

Care: Avoid submerging in water, and store in a closed container away from the bathroom. Clean up with clear soap and water. Oxidization may fade over time to reveal the polished sterling silver beneath it. 

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